I found this on Maree's website. Thought it would be interesting... let me know how you do. Had no idea I would do so well. Hahaha! Crazy! I especially want my husband to do the test and let me know what his results are. He's crazy fast on a keyboard!

Update... Earl is not very fast. Only 47 words per minute (after trying a few times) and I did the test again, and here are the updated results. I'm the bomb! But Jenny.... you are in your own catagory!

56 words



Wild Waters With Our Cousins

We've been in Fresno visiting relatives and friends and had a great time at Wild Water Adventures today. The kids and I went with my sister Aimee and her kids Emma (pictured here with Jonathan), Maddie, and Benny. My mom and dad came along and boy, was nice to have an extra set of hands! Once we showed Jonathan and Emma the "big people" water slides, they were off and having fun all by themselves! Joshua took a swim test right before the park closed and Grandpa took him on a fast run down the big water slides as well (thanks dad!). We spent most of the time with the youngest kids in the "kiddie" area and had a great time watching them swim, splash and have a great time making memories together. Grandpa took Josh, Maddie, and Benny to the wave pool and did 4 runs of waves with them there. They couldn't get enough of it... it was the ocean waves in a big pool. I joined them with Jimmy and they had a ball just dodging the waves and diving into them. I got a great workout holding Jimmy and helping him jump and play in the waves. We had a really good time and look forward to hopefully doing that again next year!

Josh on the water slides... what a blast!

Jimmy on the octopus slide.

One of my favorite pictures!!
Go Emma!