I Got "Told"

Jon - Mom, why do you get to go on the computer on Sunday?

Mom - Because I'm the mom.

Jon - But you don't let me and Josh go on the computer and do things we want to do on Sundays, so you shouldn't be allowed to go on the the computer either.

Mom - (talking to Earl) Did I just get "told"? Did I hear what I think I just heard? (talking to Jon) So are you saying that we shouldn't be able to do things on Sundays that we like to do? We should only be able to do things that we don't want to do?

Jon - Well, you don't let us play video games so you shouldn't be able to go on your email or anything.

Mom - Hummmm ....

I think we are hitting that beloved preteen age.... I think I'm getting paid back for all of the sassy remarks I made to my mom at his age. But I'm smiling :) See :) It's part of finding joy in the journey, right? Gotta love being a parent!


My New BFF!

I got myself a great big dose of Ree recently....
Ok, more like the past two days on my couch reading and eating up her blog.... oh, I wish I could eat her blog! It would taste so good!
I decided that I need to move to a house on her ranch out in the middle of nowhere and have mid afternoon "sweets" swaps and let our crazy chitlins roam the wide open spaces together. It sounds like a midwest dream (have I ever dreamed of moving to the midwest? I can't say I have until I started reading her blog.). But she got me thinking....

Uh Oh! No, no thinking in my house! I'll have none of that!

What is wrong with blogging about whatever the heck you want to blog about? I don't do a lot of blog searching, web searching, internet stuff ... it's just not me. I've got my regular thing I do on the computer, and that's about it. My theory is computers eat all of our time, and I just don't have enough time to sit on the computer all day, musing about anything and everything that comes to my frazzled mind. But reading her blog was like therapy for me, except I didn't have to pay someone I didn't know a butt load of money to give me advice on life, love, lessons I need to learn, yada yada yada... I just get to read FOR FREE all of the simple lessons she has learned, things she has cooked and wants to share, pictures of her family or kids that help her remember the simple joys she has in her every day life. She is so honest, so "herself" that I know we would be BFF's. I have a handful of wonderful friends in my life that I love dearly and can sit around and shoot the breeze about anything and everything, and I would LOVE to do that with Miss Ree one day. I'll put it on my bucket list.... but that will be another post!

In the mean time.... I'll start adding a post here or there about anything and everything..... a little somethin' somethin', and a whole lot of nuttin'! Anyone wanna join me? Feel free....

Because that's what blogging is for, right?


Joshua's Baptism Day

We had a great day on Saturday! Joshua was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was so excited and proud to become an official baptized member of the church. The spirit in the meeting was so strong as we watched Earl baptize our second son.

My parents and Earl's dad traveled from Clovis and Fresno to be here for the special event. My dad gave the talk on baptism and he did an awesome job! He asked Joshua to help him share with everyone what steps we need to take to return to live with our Heavenly Father, one being baptism. I think Joshua will always remember the steps he needs to take because he was taught by his grandpa on this special day.

Joshua already has such a strong testimony of the gospel and a firm desire to obey all of our Father in Heaven's commandments. We are so proud of him for following the example of our Savior and being baptized. We love you Joshua!


Almost Easter

I could not for the life of me get all 4 of them in one picture together on Sunday! And they all looked so cute and handsome! Just had to share!

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

We LOVE baseball season!!!
Jonathan and Joshua are both in little league this year and that means double the practices, double the games, and double the FUN! Just a few pics... we haven't taken very many...

Joshua is on the A's and plays catcher and other infield positions. He's turning out to be a great baseball player! He caught a pop up in the infield just the other night... way to go!

Joshua at bat!

On 3rd base! Say cheese!
I'm so glad he's having a great season so far! He's got great coaches and is learning so much about the game.

Here is Jonathan in the dugout during his first game. Unfortunately this was the only picture we have so far... more games to come! He is on the Padres this season, has wonderful coaches as well, and is really improving from last year! He's a bit more timid... not an aggressive athlete at all! He really loves baseball and I'm so glad he decided to play this season! More to come...

Birthdays And More Birthdays...

March is a BUSY month for birthdays in our family! Joshua turned 8 and had his first sleepover party (ya, mom and dad had to really set some hard rules!). The kids had fun (I think!) and played video games and watched movies until I made them go to sleep.... around 1:30 am.... I don't remember! He will be baptized in our church on April 10th. We are so proud of him! He's growing up so fast!

Joshua loved his ice cream birthday cake (a tradition in our family).

Joshua and his friends: Joshua G., Jordan, Jeffrey, and brother Jonathan.
The "J" boys!

Our pretty princess girl Jillian celebrated her 2nd birthday just 5 days later. She started her day with her favorite breakfast of waffles (she says "wa wuls") and we added some strawberries and whipped cream (her FAVORITE! Bring on the whipped cream!)

... had her own ice cream birthday cake later that night...

... and got little dolls and furniture for the dollhouse she was given (thanks Melissa B.!).
I'm not sure who was more excited about the dollhouse stuff... Jillian or her brothers! They had a lot of fun playing with it together!

Two years has gone by so quickly... I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast. Makes me a little sad, but I look forward to the upcoming years... Barbie's, dress ups, nail painting parties... I'm so glad I have a little girl!