Cast of Characters:
Josh - Ninja (3rd year in a row... cheap costume!)
James - Jack Sparrow (I bought the accessories 2 years ago on clearance... so cute!)
Jillian - Belle from Beauty and the Beast (borrowed costume from Melanie - THANKS!)
Jon - absent from pictures because "he's too old to dress up".
I'm not complaining.

This is the best I can do... I didn't take hardly any pictures this year!
I know. I'm a bad mom. I hope I can redeem myself next year.
Since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, my kids and my husband decided it wasn't a great Sabbath day activity to go out trick or treating.
(Notice I didn't say anything about myself... I really had no opinion on the matter.)
The night before Halloween we had a great trunk or treating activity with our ward family at church, and when my kids brought home buckets FULL of candy, I didn't feel too bad about them not going on Sunday night. I definitely didn't want anymore candy in the house!
And the kids were happy.
And I was happy.
And the whole thing was made even better by having a pot luck with some friends and hanging out at their house on Halloween night.
Then we came home late, saw that 2 of our 4 carved pumpkins were smashed on our front lawn (and of course I didn't take any pictures... Sorry Earl! He worked really hard on his pumpkin!).
Oh well.... as I said, there is always next year ;)


My Favorite Things....

Bishop's Pumpkin Patch.
The most awesome pumpkin patch in the world.
We don't miss it. Ever.
I think I'll still go even when my kids are old and grown and out of the house.
I'll have to eat the pumpkin cake.
And you don't have to be a kid to appreciate pumpkin cake.

Yep, she is the cutest little girl you ever did see jumping in the hay.

Perfectly spaced teeth Jimmy. How I love that smile!

Growing up way way way too fast for me!

The annual pictures on the ginormous pumpkins. I'm not a photographer.
I just pretend to be.

"Owww Mom! The sun is in my eyes! Don't you know how to take pictures???"

"No I will not put down my pretty rocks. Sheesh!"

I love how Jimmy's little head popped up in the back of this picture. So funny!

I had to bribe him with corn dogs to smile. The things I do....
I'm so disappointed in myself.
But it worked!

"Now give me my pumpkin cake!"
And we ate.
And we loved it.
And we will go again next year... for sure!!!

My Cub Scout


Did I mention that Josh LOVES Cub Scouts?

I'm pretty sure he loves Cub Scouts more than his mother ;)

That's what it looks like (to me!) in this picture.

Josh earned his Wolf award last month and 4 arrow points. He loves going to his den and pack meetings and spending time with is den leaders. It also gives us, as parents, one on one time with him that he needs.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that Josh LOVES Cub Scouts!

Way to go Josh!!!