James bit the dust again! How do you get your toddler to wear a helmet and keep it on? Let me know... I'm up for suggestions.


New Slide Show...

I added a slide show of the first part of 2008 (through June). It was really fun to upload and play with the program! If you have a few minutes... take a look. I'm going to do another slide show of the rest of 2008 later. It's posted at the bottom of the page.


Earl is obsessed!

Check out Earl's latest creation at the bottom of this page. He made it, I didn't!


The Tooth Fairy Is Coming...

Jonathan had a very exciting and semi-traumatic day. He got very scared when he was in church, eating a piece of candy, and heard his tooth crack. It was hurting really bad! He came to me crying and I figured out that his molar was loose. I don't think he realized that your all of your baby teeth, even molars, fall out eventually. He couldn't stop wiggling it all day and wouldn't eat very much at all because "it might fall out". I told him it was going to fall out anyway, so go ahead and eat and get on with life. He said he was afraid he would eat something and it would fall out and he would swallow it. His dad said "That happens sometimes". Thanks Earl! Anyway, about 2 minutes after he said that he just stuck his finger under the tooth and sure enough it came right out! Way to go Jonathan! You did it all by yourself! Now, how much money should the tooth fairy give you for a molar with a silver cap on it? We'll find out...


I Found Your Tag, Maree!

I have not been keeping up on the blogs, and so I'm paying for it now by reading too much, too late at night. These nights get me into so much trouble! I have so little time to myself these days.

So here's the scoop... Maree tagged me some time ago (I don't remember when) and I just read it tonight. These are the questions: List: 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 fears, and 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 3 people at the end of your post.

Ok, here goes...
Goals: to get through each day and go to bed happy (I get frustrated and unnerved way too easy lately), read my scriptures (I'm not doing very well at this except with our family at night, and those 3 verses that I hardly hear, if I hear them, aren't doing very much for me), to spend some quality time with my husband this weekend.

Obsessions/collections: checking my email, drinking enough water each day, my sweet baby!

Fears: something bad happening to any one of my kids, my husband losing his job (it's a bad economy), illness.

Random/surprising facts about me: I really like to eat ice cream and have to watch how much I eat of it now (spoon to mouth.... no, no, no, it really does go from your spoon to your hips!), I can't remember the last time I rented a movie and almost did today but didn't (not surprising.. I'd rather be on the computer tonight), I can say all 50 states in alphabetical order (and you can too if you learn the song "50 Nifty United States").

Tagged... Jenny, Dad, Rebecca (because you just started your blog and you need something to blog, right?)


I haven't blogged in a while, so here are a few of the latest happenings in our family...

Jimmy potty trained! I told him we didn't have anymore diapers. I gave him the option of wearing buzz lightyear pullups, but he said, "no, I'll wear Lightning McQueen underpants." (rather reluctantly). Well, we had quite a morning at the grocery store that day running with all 4 kids and a cart full of groceries 3 times to the bathroom, but we finally peed! I was shocked considering I couldn't get him to do this at home. Good boy Jimmy! Way to go buddy! He's acquired quite a few new Lightning McQueen cars because of this too.

Jillian rolls over all the time now! She loves to play on the floor now and roll to things that she wants to play with (aka put in her mouth - everything goes there now!). She eats rice cereal almost every night now (when I remember) and tried sweet potatoes yesterday. I don't think she likes them very much. She spit up a ton after too! Yuck! Joys of motherhood! I know this picture doesn't show her rolling over, but it was too cute to not post!

School started! I love having the boys in school. No, I do love them, but I don't miss them during those hours.

Soccer started and Joshua made a goal at his first game on Saturday. He didn't even know it!!! He just happened to be in the right place at the right time and scored.

We visited friends in Mountain House over Labor Day weekend and made this flan for dessert on Sunday. Perfection!!! Wouldn't you agree?! Thanks Gomez clan for hosting us! We had a great time and can't wait to get together again.