Our New American Idol

He's trying out in about 13 years for the 21st season of American Idol... does he get your vote? He might not be David Cook, but he's a close 2nd to me!

Baseball Season

Jonathan wanted to play baseball this spring, so I took the plunge and signed him up a few months ago. Of course, as I was finishing the paperwork, he got his first bloody nose playing catch with a friend. Needless to say, that's just the beginning... but Earl and I both warned him that "everyone gets hurt in baseball at some point". It's a fact! I'm sure if you are reading this and used to play yourself, you are nodding your head right now :)

We've had a few "bruisers" already, but overall, our young man is doing exceptionally well for his first season EVER! He's a little old to have never played, and thankfully there is one other boy on his team that is also new to the sport. He learns something new every game, every practice, and it's great. It's a big commitment for him and our family (2 nights a week practice, one week night game, one Saturday game... EVERY WEEK! 18 games total!), but it's been so fun to watch (and sooooo hard at the same time!).
2 stories:

1) Jonathan was walked, got to first, STOLE second (way to go!!!), base hit... ran to third. Looked at his coach and said, "This is the first time I have ever been on third base. (Pause)... this is the first time I have EVER been on base!" So cute! So innocent!

2) Jonathan goes up to bat... probably the 3rd time he had ever been up to bat. Goes and stands in the "box"... wrong box... home plate was behind him! Oops! The Ump helped him move to the correct position. It was so funny (and hard to watch... I was yelling at him!)


OK, it's just not funny anymore!

My wonderful son Joshua sleepwalks occasionally. Actually, more like every other night lately. It's always about 10:30 or so at night, he "wakes" up (he's asleep with his eyes open), tromps around the house like he's mad or upset or crying about something, we have him go to the bathroom (and sometimes have to pull his pants down for him!), and direct him back to his bed where he immediately falls back to sleep (except one time when he kept sitting up and laying back down while saying some sort of nonsense about how he just couldn't do it? I don't understand!). Now, many of you (family mostly) know that I used to sleep walk when I was his age too. Yes, I did some pretty crazy things (set the table in the middle of the night, tried to pee in the bath tub) and I'm sure some of you will add more in my comments. You won't embarrass me... I was little. But Joshua pulled a stunt tonight that he better not EVER pull again!!! I'm downstairs checking on blogs (about 10:30 again), hear a door open, hear another door open, hear Jillian start crying, then crying louder. I go upstairs and find Joshua giving Jillian to Earl in our bedroom!?! What the...?!! I don't get it? She was sound asleep! I totally yelled at Josh "What the heck are you doing?" He said "She was crying so I got her." I could tell he was totally asleep! He has no idea what he just did! Tomorrow we are putting extra locks on 1. the front door and 2. Jillian's room. I never thought I would have to lock my boys out of their sister's room for this reason! What a nut! Boy are we going to be laughing in the morning!