Quirks? Who me?

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Jenny tagged me... thanks a lot!

#1 I can't handle it when the toilet paper is not on the dispenser the CORRECT way! This means that the paper needs to roll over the top of the roll and out towards you, not roll down the wall or cabinet it is attached to. Sounds pretty OCD, doesn't it... but I don't care. If I come to your house and the toilet paper doesn't roll the CORRECT way, I'll probably change it for you. I don't care if you take offense to my correction or not! Go to a hotel, people, and look at the way the paper rolls!!! Take note and fix yours before the paper police get you!

#2 Water... water please... water! I can't survive without my cup of water! I just have to have one close by. I take one everywhere with me... in the car ALWAYS! And if I leave it at home, I feel like I am dehydrated and dying of thirst. It's probably more mental than physical, because I do keep track of how much water I have each day (for the most part!), but it's my thing. Have to have my water!

#3 I love my planner. I was introduced to my passion of planners by my friend Lorie, and it is never far from reach. It's my obsession... if I don't make my notes in it, then I will lose the note I wrote on and the thought is gone forever. But not with my trusty planner. Each year about Sept or Oct I go to Barnes and Noble and buy the latest color. This year is bright green, next year's is a pearl-like light blue. I write anything I need to write down in it... schedules, events, appointments, etc., and sometimes even big "firsts" like when the baby crawls for the first time, or talks or anything fun. I've used it as a journal throughout the year so when Christmas comes, I have a record of what we did during the year (heaven knows I don't remember ANYTHING anymore). So many reasons to have a planner!

#4 I cry WAY TO EASY! Not PMS stuff or if someone teases me, no no no, it's not that. It's the little sentimental things like... taking the kids to Disneyland the first time (and the second time... I get teary on Main Street!), first day of preschool, Kindergarten, etc... listening to a song's lyrics that touch my heart (I'm a bawling baby when I listen to Hilary Weeks "Day of Praise" alone in my car!). The silliest things set me off constantly! I feel like an idiot admitting to some of the things that make my eyes leak (yes, Maree, we have the same defective genes!). It's part of who I am and I'm working on learning to accept and embrace.

#5 I am a control FREAK! It manifests itself in many different ways... the way the dishes are loaded into the dishwasher, the way the bed is made (I'll just re-do everything... I can't let some things just "be"), the way my kids are dressed ... I'll send them back upstairs if they don't match well enough (I'm getting better at letting that go lately), the laundry in general - what is washed on what cycle, temp setting, how it's folded/put away (my boys get so tired of me nagging them about their messy drawers!). So I admit it... It's not something I'm proud of, but I'm hoping that in the not too distant future I can learn to embrace the "Love and Logic" parenting techniques and remember that if it doesn't personally affect me, then it's not worth waisting my energy on, right?!

#6 I used to eat ice cream every night. It was (and still is!) another one of my obsessions. I live for a good bowl of homemade ice cream. I make the best vanilla and chocolate homemade ice cream. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream. I will stop anything for Leatherby's Toasted Almond ice cream with their homemade caramel topping, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. I really don't need any toppings though... just the creamy, sweet, silky feeling of ice cream running down my throat is all. But, unfortunately, I've stopped my every night habit over the past year or two. I'm down to maybe once or twice a week. I'm hoping to lose a few more inches and this is a very bad habit! Thanks again to Lorie Martin to introducing me to yet another one of my "quirks". She's responsible for my homemade ice cream recipes - hence the picture above shows part of the recipe (bad bad bad!!!). You know I love you still!

I choose to have another quirk... my love of Diet Pepsi! I'll drink Diet Coke, but prefer Diet Pepsi!

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Yes on Prop 8!!!

I was reading my dad's blog tonight and he attached a link location that I am going to attach to my blog as well. It is a demonstration of Yes on Prop 8 supporters in Poway (east of San Diego) where my sister Maree lives. It gave me the chills and had me shedding more than a few tears. I am so grateful to know that there are so many people who were willing to spend the day standing on the street and bringing attention to the vote tomorrow.


I also want to acknowledge the wonderful man in my life... my wonderful husband Earl (of course!).. who spent his Saturday in the pouring rain with about 20 other members of the Marysville Ward rallying for support for Prop 8! You rock Earl! It was raining and windy and cold and they were so awesome to stay their ground. Thanks to all of you for your service! Let's pray that the Yes on 8 vote will be a landslide!

I love that cheesy smile!