And The Weiner Is...

We aren't THAT competitive... I promise! But last month, it got a little out of control.

Earl and I are on the Nike Plus website (along with some friends) and have been running and logging our miles in some friendly monthly competitions. It's very motiviating and I feel very accomplished when I look at my miles and see how far I have run in the morning or my total for the month.

Anyway, last month, Earl decided he was going to log at least 100 miles running during the month. The record was 80 miles set by our friend Ron. But Earl was given some fierce competition by our buddy Ken (who is also training for a marathon with Earl in November). Anyway, at the last minute, Earl and Ken both did a little "sneaky" running and tried to one-up each other. Earl was pronounced the winner on the website, but Ken should have actually won the monthly competition (even if he only WALKED the last minute 2 miles that he tried to log in!). Being the sore loser, proclaimed winner that Earl is, he found the perfect gift for our friend while on a late night Walmart run.

Earl thought it would be fun to wrap it up and give it to Ken at Ward Council.

Now you know the truth about what REALLY goes on at Ward Council.

Can't read the bottle... Here, take a looksie....

We love you Ken!

BTW... Earl is logged about 103 miles and I logged 69 miles during the month of August!!! I was so excited that I surpassed my goal for the month by 19!

We are both training now and Earl will be running the marathon and I am running the half marathon in November. Wish us luck!

Pretty Princess

This morning I put Jill's hair in a ponytail with a pretty bow, put on shoes and socks, got all dressed. Within 5 minutes everything was undone.
Hair bow... Out
Rubberband.... Gone
Shoes... Across the room
Socks... On her hands like gloves
Yep, I was a little annoyed since we were getting ready to leave.
Obviously we didn't leave fast enough!
And then she came to me all dolled up. Too cute to pass up!


Just adorable! You can't be annoyed with that!