He's a FIRST CLASS kid

We are so proud of JON!  He is quite the scouter!!!
He received his FIRST CLASS rank award at the Court of Honor in April.

 Mom is becoming a very decorated Scout Mom!

 Ahhh.... He's going to be 12 soon!  Where did my baby go?

Most of our boys and leaders in Pack 36.  We love Scouts!!!


Happy Birthday Princess

Happy 3rd Birthday to my favorite little girl!  She had her two "bestest buds" over for a play date and we had cake and ice cream to celebrate.  Jillian was a princess for the day!

Blow out those candles! 

She got her very own Rapunzel Barbie and a dress that she could wear to match!
I love my baby girl.... she will always be my baby.



Josh turned 9 this past March and decided he wanted to have a sleepover.  (Yay!  I LOVE sleepovers!)
He had 3 of his very good friends over and I think it was a hit!  We started out the night eating PIZZA, then moved on to a Nerf gun war, and later a movie and "calm down" time.  No death threats from the parents, but we got pretty close!

WATCH OUT!  It's the Nerf Gun Bandit!

The traditional Keith Ice Cream Birthday cake.  We aren't big frosting fans here!

Chow down little dude!  That's a huge bite of cake!
I'm pretty sure it was a success.  My 9 year old doesn't verbalize such things, but I think it was fun for him and his friends and I'm sure he's already planning for next year.  Heaven help us all!


A Great Family Weekend

It is a rare opportunity for my whole family to get together and last weekend we had the pleasure of traveling to Fresno for my niece Hannah's baptism.  My kids were so excited to see all of their cousins on my side of the family and we spent the morning with many of them at the park (Maddy, Emma, Christopher, Hannah, and Jon - great smile!)

My sis Heidi and her precious baby boy Rustin.

Cousin Benny - one amazing sports fanatic!

My sis Maree and her kids, Hannah and Christopher.

Jill chillin' with her new toy from her Auntie!

My sis Aimee and her daughter Emma.

We took a bunch of family pictures later in the day before the baptism (I'll post those later!  Gotta get them from my sis!) and had pizza with everyone afterward.  We were able to sneak in a quick visit with our Grandpa Earl and on Sunday with Grandma Geri and her family.  It was a very busy, very quick visit and we packed as much into the two days we were there.  I'm still trying to recover ;)

Blue and Gold Dinner 2011

Isn't that the sweetest smile :)  Josh loves cub scouts and was so happy to finally get to participate in his first Blue and Gold Dinner.  We've been going every year for Jon and now it was Josh's turn!  He received his physical fitness belt loop and is going to move up to the Bear Den this next week.  I love how cub scouts give us, as a family, an many opportunities to talk and learn together.  He accomplishes the various goals, but I always feel like our family gets a little piece of what he accomplishes.

"The Coolest Cake on a Hot Day" was GONE at the end of the night!  Ya baby!