It was a very sad day in our home on Monday. Our beloved Lightening McQueen shoes took their last journey out into the world, and came back irreparable (notice the break in the strap at the heel). :( The loss will be felt by all as we try to replace our dearly beloved shoes.
And boy oh boy, will that ever be a hard task!
Can you see how loved they are? Can you imagine the miles they have shuffled, the bikes they have ridden, the games they have played???

You can see them here taking their first ride on the new Lightening McQueen mother of all bikes at Christmas time.

And here on Jimmy's 4th birthday taking a spin on his new scooter...
(remember... we just celebrated his 5th birthday!)

This was about the time our relationship began with our dearly beloved...
in June of 2008.
Now, many of you moms reading this will congratulate me for dressing my 3-5 year old child in the same pair of shoes for almost 2 years.
Some of you may find that offensive....
And smelly....
And very dirty....
But alas, this was not my doing!
(I tried very hard just recently to lose, break, threaten to throw away, the list goes on....)
But it was not to be.
So it is without any fault of my own that the "Lightening 'Queens" bid a final farewell to us, and all of you, as his journey has come to a very untimely (or timely!) end.
Jimmy will love you forever!


Happy Birthday to My Jimmy Boy!

I can't believe my little boy is 5 years old! He's growing too fast! He has been talking about his birthday for... well, every day since his last birthday! (not uncommon for kids his age!) We celebrated last night with a few of his buddies.

Can you see the little Buzz Lightyear and Woody on the cake... that's how I decorate!

... Jimmy pretending he is embarrassed... WHAT! He has been WAITING AND WAITING FOR THIS DAY!!!

Some very fun presents from his friends!

His mother brainwashing him into cheering for the correct baseball team...
I know... we can't help the fact that my other boys are on the other CA. teams, but I need to be sure that the RIGHT team is supported by SOMEONE in our family!
Your welcome Dad!

My favorite picture! Jimmy and Daniel saying Cheese! Good buddies!!!

BTW.... why is he so against girls all of a sudden??? He wouldn't allow girls to be invited to his party! What! Maybe it has something to do with having a little sister now.... hum!
I'm not complaining... I'll encourage it as the years go on!!!
Mama loves her baby boy!


Pinewood Derby ALMOST Win...

Well, after much blood, sweat, and lots of sanding, we had 2 pinewood derby contestants ready for the annual race. I can't say I was excited (and neither was Earl for that matter. He had double the fun this year! Pure sarcasm here!) but I was happy for my boys and their chance to make it to the regional finals. They didn't :(
And they were under strict orders to 1.) not taunt others or 2.) cry for any reason. They are both a little bit competitive (that's a major understatement!) and I was a tad worried about the outcome, especially with 2 of them racing. But... they listened to me AND there was no crying. Ok, I think they listened... I'm not positive there wasn't any taunting, but a mother can hope, right?!

Jon won a few heats, but in the end, he got about 7th or 8th overall... not too shabby! It's not last place! (That was a major concern in our household... I wasn't as worried for my boys as I was for my husband... he he he!)

The race was SO CLOSE! But in the end....

Joshua got 4th overall.... bummer...
I'm not too sad :) They had a great time and Earl loved making the cars so much he got a new sander just to finish them off. Any excuse to get more manly tools!