Laugh of the Day...

Picture the scene: Joshua is sitting on the toilet (usually does this twice a day about 20 minutes at a time) and the rest of the family is gathered around the kitchen table.

Mom: Josh, get off the toilet! We need to say prayers so dad can go to work... he's going to be late!
Josh: Ok, I'm folding my arms.

Earl and I look at each other and laugh! It was too funny...


Happy Birthday Earl!

Earl celebrated his ** birthday this past Wednesday. He had to work (of course!) and I asked him what he wanted me to make for dinner. He couldn't come up with any good ideas (I must not be the best cook :) and so I mentioned chinese take out. He had a coworker recommend a place called Lincoln Chinese... WONDERFUL! I'm hooked! Little did he know that he gave me a birthday present by bringing home dinner... I got so much done that night since I didn't have to cook!

Later that night, we were reading scriptures as a family and Jonathan read a scripture in Alma that talked about the resurrection and "every limb and joint shall be restored to its body; yea, even a hair of the head shall not be lost; but all things shall be restored to their proper and perfect frame."
He looked at Earl and said, "See dad, you'll get all your hair back."

We laughed... oh, I laughed (Earl will laugh some day!). We love our children!


Fun Run Saturday

Earl decided to do another 10K this past Saturday benefitting ALS. Before the actual run they had a kids fun run. We bundled up and took the whole family! James did the 1/4 mile for ages 0-5 years old (mommy went along for moral support!) and did a great job. He decided to turn around and go back before we hit the halfway mark... oh well! We ALMOST did the whole 1/4 mile! Then Jon and Josh lined up for the 6-12 year old 1/2 mile race. They did awesome! I was so proud of them! It was so chilly and cold but both of them finished and got awards and a free Rivercats lunch bag AND lollipops from Sees candy! I love the looks on their faces after the race was over. Priceless! Unfortunately we didn't stick around to take pictures of Earl doing the 10K race. He did really well coming in at 58 minutes (same time as the 10k on Thanksgiving.... the guy is so consistent! ). It was a great Saturday and we will do it again for the next race!


A Few Good Pics

What a bunch of crazy kids! Joshua had been begging me to let him take a bath for days (I'm so impatient... I hate how long it takes for them to take baths. I prefer showers!) So I told JOSHUA that HE could take a bath, and this is was the scene I found a few minutes later.

This is my new oven. I didn't want a new oven... I didn't have a choice. It was this or pay lots of $$$ to "maybe" fix the other oven. We opted to buy a new one... we already spent plenty on repairs for the other oven. It's NICE! I didn't want too many perks, but I wouldn't trade them now. I have a convection baking and roasting option (with a built-in probe to put in whole chickens, roasts, casseroles... it's the COOLEST feature!). Also a fifth burner in the middle that is oblong with a grill pan (see picture) that you can use (just replace the grid in the middle... it's amazing. Perfect grilled cheese in minutes.). AND it's a double oven... yes, now I can cook a turkey and the green bean casserole all at the same time!

Jill woke up with really crazy hair one morning. She is crawling on hands and knees now... watch out world. Ummm... I need a gate... soon!

Technology! Almost a drug for these boys! This is a common picture when their mean mom actually lets them play DS for a little while.