Wake Up!!! It's Christmas Morning!

I love Christmas morning! It's so much fun when your kids are bouncing you out of your bed because they are so excited! They can see all of the gifts under the tree on their way to our bedroom, but we FORBID them from going downstairs until we brush our teeth and look marginally presentable. We didn't take a lot of pictures this year, but here are a few of my favorites...

Josh decided the night before that someone should play "Santa" and hand out the gifts to everyone one by one. Ya, that lasted for about 1 present per person, then it was fair game for all! No one paid any attention. But Santa gave the kids lots of fun gifts this year. Some of our favorites are...

Jonathan was so happy to get the new GI Joe DS game! Yes, it was on his list to Santa and Santa actually gave him something that was on his list.... I love 10 year olds! (hint of sarcasm)

Jilly got all of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters and a few of the stuffed animals that she didn't have as well. She is so in love with all of the "Mickey" friends!

Jon and Josh got ipods... Wow! Santa is nice!

Jilly watching her new "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas" movie. The love of her life!

Jimmy got a new bike!!! He was so excited! No hand-me-down for him! Santa got him a Lightening McQueen bike with training wheels and he LOVES it! He wants to go out every day and have me watch him ride his bike. Notice how he is wearing his Lightening McQueen clog shoes (yes, they are the same ones he's been wearing for about a year and a half!).
Thanks Santa for all the nice gifts!

Josh's Winter Program

I feel obligated to post this since I love my son dearly, but to be honest, I have no idea what the point of his class Winter Program was all about. It was based on the book "Snowmen at Christmas" and they had different classes act out different parts of the story. But watching K-2nd graders can be so "painful" at times and I didn't really get what was going on! And I was trying to take pictures and watch Jimmy and Jillian at the same time, which is almost impossible! Of course they were all cute and sang a few songs. I was so proud that he did all of the movements for the songs and even smiled! There was one little boy that screamed the last song that they sang. There were so many of us in the audience that were laughing so hard we were crying. I love these performances solely for the fact that they give the kids an opportunity to perform, and that's a huge self esteem boost that all kids need! Josh was great!