Blue and Gold Dinner

We had the Blue and Gold dinner for the cub scouts and their families last night. Our ward pack has combined with two other ward packs now which is nice because we all had so few cub scouts. But together we have a really nice group of kids (and a very big, crazy dinner because of that!)

Jonathan's cake contest entry (with some help from mom!)
The theme for the contest was the commemoration of the 100th year of scouting. He won the "best planned" award for his cake! I think I was the only mom there that didn't have to cut his cake for the kids at dessert time! Sweet! So easy when you have mini cupcakes!

He received his Webelos badge, religious knot, fitness award, and handyman award.
We are so proud of our cub scouter!!! His goal is to get his Arrow of Light by the end of May. I know he can do it!

The had pinatas for the game of the evening (and it was out of control!)
Jonathan was one of the last few that had their turn at bat... one swing later...

PURE CHAOS! Notice James (brown pants and shirt) dog-piling on top of the kids to get the candy. What my kids will do for some sweets! It's obvious that their mother doesn't give them candy very often :)

Rattie Nattie

Daddy gave Jilly a new nickname recently. She woke up one morning looking like she worked all night on her hairdo. Too cute!

"Stop! Don't take my picture! I'm not beautiful yet!"

The "I'm-Not-Quite-Awake" look.

Wow! She cleans up real nice, doesn't she?! What a pretty girl!