What Did You Think???

Did you see the movie yet? What did you think??? Can you guess what team I'm voting for??? HEHEHE

My review: Much better than the first Twilight movie by far! Better special affects! And the muscles.... WOW! If I was 17 again, I would love to meet this guy! Earl thought it was slow and didn't have enough action (not surprising... he REALLY didn't like the first movie). I thought they didn't spend enough time in the film on the part of the book that takes place in Italy. But who are we to judge??? Just another "cult" member in the audience, drooling over the young boy muscles, and cracking jokes about everyone else on the side (I'm sure we didn't make any friends with the people around us :P). My cousin Louis calls us all "Twilitards"... yep, I own it. You can tease me all you want! I love the series of books! The movies... I'm ok with so far.


The Amazing Race

THAT'S MY MAN! I'm so darn proud of him! Earl set a goal to run a half marathon race on Nov. 14th and DID IT! He amazes me all the time! He is a wonderful example to me of setting a goal, working hard toward it, and achieving it! I am so grateful for him.

So happy to finish!

The award winning runners! Courtney (ran the marathon and qualified for Boston!), Ron, Earl, and Cameron! You men are awesome!