Yes on Prop 8!!!

I was reading my dad's blog tonight and he attached a link location that I am going to attach to my blog as well. It is a demonstration of Yes on Prop 8 supporters in Poway (east of San Diego) where my sister Maree lives. It gave me the chills and had me shedding more than a few tears. I am so grateful to know that there are so many people who were willing to spend the day standing on the street and bringing attention to the vote tomorrow.


I also want to acknowledge the wonderful man in my life... my wonderful husband Earl (of course!).. who spent his Saturday in the pouring rain with about 20 other members of the Marysville Ward rallying for support for Prop 8! You rock Earl! It was raining and windy and cold and they were so awesome to stay their ground. Thanks to all of you for your service! Let's pray that the Yes on 8 vote will be a landslide!

I love that cheesy smile!


jennifer said...

yes on 8!

random me said...

woo hoo! thats the biggest and best and most peaceful "yes on 8" rally i've seen so far. we used to live 10 minutes outside poway so while watching the video i got to see one of our favorite restaurants from down there. too cool laura!

good job earl!!! soccer was cancelled because of how much rain there was, but you're a trooper!!!

Maree said...

Hey, it doesn't need to win by a landslide--just WIN! Go Earl for standing in the cold rain!

kididaho said...

wow what an awesome video and even more awesome rally! It makes our look very small but none the less it was amazing all the people honking and waving in support of us also. what a great feeling! Now we just Vote and pray it passes!
love Bec

Maren n' Mark said...

Well you'd be happy to know that all that hard work actually was worth your while since it passed. Lets just hope this is the last time we have to fight for the definition of Marriage, but I'm afraid thats its not over. Ours passed too, so we are excited here as well. But My excitement is minimal compared to my huge dissapointment in an Obama victory

Carr Lot said...

You've been tagged! Check out my blog! : )