Joshua's 7th Birthday

Joshua's party was a blast! He invited a few friends for a "tech deck" skater birthday bash and had a blast. All of the kids are decorating their party favor bags. From left to right: Adam, Jonathan, Tyler, Jeffrey, Josh, Jimmy, Mitchell

Josh goofing around with his buddies while eating pizza!

Tyler's pile of pepperoni's... who doesn't like pepperoni? I don't get it!

Josh won the Balloon Stomp game!

We had a Tony Hawk pinata... Jonathan was the one to smack his head off.
(ok, we couldn't find a skateboard pinata...we opted for the one that looked like Tony Hawk!)

Get that candy!

Skater ice cream birthday cake. I made the half pipe with fruit roll ups and wafer cookies. Topped it off with a Tech Deck skateboard and lego guy and waa laa! One cool cake!

Joshua blowing out the candles. He had no idea what kind of cake I made and loved it!

Loved all of his presents! Lots of Bakugans, Tech Decks and a little $$$. Grandma got him this Bakugan case... he loved everything!

I'm sure he's counting down the days to his next birthday...

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Heidi said...

I can't beleive how big Josh is too.....These kids are growing way too fast. These are the kind of partys I have to look forward to in the future, silly boys :)