Christmas 2010

December came and went...
Here is a recap:

Jon had his first band concert playing the clarinet. He's really good! I think his piano experience has helped him to become a great clarinet player. Great concert!

Josh and Jimmy had their winter concert at their school. Unfortunately it was SO crowded at the concert that taking pictures was out of the question. But we got a few at home.
You gotta love the hats. Priceless!

On Christmas Eve everyone got to open one present. Of course, it was the one present that mom said they could open ;) New PJ's and slippers for everyone!

Jilly got a box full of Princess Barbies. She was in Princess Heaven!

And James got a bunch of Toy Story stuff from Santa! Go Santa!

Josh has been in his own little Lego world ever since Christmas...

Jon had his first "grown up" Christmas and got some snow gear (and a few toys! He's not as grown up as he would like to be yet!)

And no Christmas is complete without a good book to read (or listen to on your commute!)
Earl has a Gerald Lund fix for a few weeks with this latest set!
I knew I would get him to appreciate my reading bug sooner or later.

We enjoyed being at home this year and relaxing together as a family.
It's hard to get a few days off from the hustle and bustle of real life, and this Christmas was a true vacation from all of the crazy schedule!

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