American River Half Marathon

Earl and I decided this year to keep our sites set on being physically fit and having goals to work towards in keeping this goal.  We signed up for the American River half marathon and diligently worked out to be ready for this race.  Our friends the Colborn's signed up with us and its always fun to run a race with friends!

These were the only pics I could find.  I look like I'm walking... ok, my run really isn't much faster than a power walk, but that's ok!  This was my second half marathon, and I loved the course.  Very simple... Up one path, loop around at the halfway mark, and back the way you came (for the most part!).  I liked being able to watch for Earl and see how far ahead of me he was running.  I finished about 2:19 and Earl finished about 1:52.
I love feeling accomplished.
We finished... that's all I have to say!
Except then we forgot where we parked our car.
And after walking for another 30 minutes we were very thankful that the Colborn's drove past us and gave us a lift so that we could scour the neighborhood and find our car.
We were really tired and cranky at that point.
But we found our car and made it back home ... to spend the rest of the day watching, yes, you guessed it... baseball games!  With no shower and no rest.  But that's what you do in April when you have 2 kids on baseball teams.

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