Fun at the Fountains

We had a fun family night at a new shopping center in Roseville last Friday. Went to Costco (because no trip to Roseville is complete without stopping there), had dinner at Panda Express at the mall (kids' choice), and went to explore all of the new sights at the Fountains. Earl and I had a fun time just watching the kids. It's always so much fun to see them enjoying the world around them. We could have stayed there all night. They had a blast!

The Fountains is a really nice shopping center with (you guessed it) several different fountains spread out around the shops. The highlight of the whole experience is the fountain that shoots water with different lights and misters to popular songs. It's so fun to watch the boys and even Jillian enjoy the show.
Jonathan and Mommy with the cool misters (Joshua called it the Lava) behind us!

Joshua and James in Awwwhhh!

Too cute... had to add this one! Jillian enjoying the show.

The really fun part came after the water show when we let the boys change into their swimsuits and play in the cool water feature outside the shops. They loved to let the water shoot up their bums.... boys! And Jimmy loved to just run around the whole thing and try really hard to not get hit. It was a really warm night and perfect for a fun night in the water. They had a blast!

We spent a ton of time just enjoying the warm evening and letting the boys play in the water and then at an adjacent playground. What a cool idea to put such fun things in the middle of a shopping center. I'm totally hooked. Now, if I could just go into the stores instead of just looking through the windows, I would be thrilled! Who has time to shop with 3 boys and a baby?! Better question is who wants to shop with 3 boys and a baby? It's just not easy!


Maree said...

Fun times! We saw fountains like that in Atlanta--SO cool!

jennifer said...

that looks really cool! the purple fountain pic is my favorite.

Carr Lot said...

Oh! Let's go! That looks like so much fun!! Can we go to Chick-fil-A for lunch? We'll stop at costco first I promise ; )

kididaho said...

Laura What great pictures you got! i agree the purple fountain is great but they all are! you are adorable as well as the kids! look like a perfect night!
love you, Bec

Amy said...

My thoughts exactly. Who wants to shop with kids! Every one looked like they were having a blast.

Melissa said...

Wish we could have come with you guys. Now I am jealous seeing the photos. Next time right? We haven't gone yet. Maybe this weekend when we have FHE. FUN, FUN, FUN!! Next time you should run around in your bathing suit. : )