Happy Birthday Jimmy!!!

Jimmy turned 4 on May 11th! Every day he asks me if he is still 4... it's so cute! We went to McDonald's with a few friends for lunch... his favorite lunch hangout!

Jillian sharing french fries with her buddy Malia

Love this picture!

Then we had some more friends over that night for ice cream cake and presents.

Jimmy has been fighting his brother Josh for months now over riding his scooter. We figured he would love one of his own for his birthday... and boy were we right! He loves his new scooter and helmet!

Happy brothers now!

We love our sweet Jimmy! He is adorable and funny and I love his big eyes and quirky smile! It's hard to believe that he's 4 already! Happy Birthday big boy!


kididaho said...

Ok that photo of him on the scooter is a great one!!

The Sam Elmers said...

He is so big! I can hardly believe it! I love taking the kids to their favorite places for lunch too. Ava is so looking forward to going to Long John Silvers for her 6th birthday!

Melissa said...

That was a fun day! Jimmy was so cute. :) He is a sweet big boy! One of my favorite little guys.