Cast of Characters:
Josh - Ninja (3rd year in a row... cheap costume!)
James - Jack Sparrow (I bought the accessories 2 years ago on clearance... so cute!)
Jillian - Belle from Beauty and the Beast (borrowed costume from Melanie - THANKS!)
Jon - absent from pictures because "he's too old to dress up".
I'm not complaining.

This is the best I can do... I didn't take hardly any pictures this year!
I know. I'm a bad mom. I hope I can redeem myself next year.
Since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, my kids and my husband decided it wasn't a great Sabbath day activity to go out trick or treating.
(Notice I didn't say anything about myself... I really had no opinion on the matter.)
The night before Halloween we had a great trunk or treating activity with our ward family at church, and when my kids brought home buckets FULL of candy, I didn't feel too bad about them not going on Sunday night. I definitely didn't want anymore candy in the house!
And the kids were happy.
And I was happy.
And the whole thing was made even better by having a pot luck with some friends and hanging out at their house on Halloween night.
Then we came home late, saw that 2 of our 4 carved pumpkins were smashed on our front lawn (and of course I didn't take any pictures... Sorry Earl! He worked really hard on his pumpkin!).
Oh well.... as I said, there is always next year ;)

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